Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let them Know it is Time

Contact your State Senator and Representative and tell them it is time to get down to business and get something done. Email, regular, mail, fax them to let them know that maybe in November the voters need to be sending some pink slips to them.

ROWVA (Oneida, IL) turns pink

ROWVA Turns Pink to Support Teachers

From Channel 8--WQAD out of the Quad Cities

The tigers were pink on Friday, but it was to make a point.


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Illinois State Senators and Representatives

Alphabetical list of senators here

Alphabetical list of representatives here

Contact BOTH your senator and representative, by email, letter, phone (or heck, all three). Tell them to get this figured out or it'll be time to send THEM a pink slip!

Address search for your IL representative and senator

Don't know their names? Search here based upon your address:

Galesburg Register-Mail Article

The Galesburg Register Mail had a nice article on students wearing pink to support school teachers and staff who were in danger of being pink-slipped because the state just can't manage to make it's payments.

Maybe it is time

Maybe it is time we sent a "pink slip" to our Illinois state representatives that they are the ones who need the "pink slip."

They got us into this mess, are seemingly focused on getting re-elected, and getting their names in the paper. Perhaps it's time they worked on fixing the problem instead of working on networking, campaigning, and complaining that "it is the other party's fault."